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Merijn Pijs


Product Designer

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Got bitten by scorpions while building a fence in the Costa Rican jungle.

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I can tailor my own clothes due to the unpredictable short length of my upper body.

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I’m Merijn Pijs, one of the Co-Founders of JustConnect, a networking platform designed by and for creatives. As a Senior Creative specialising in digital design, I bring a wave of passion for pushing boundaries and igniting brand awareness.


Central Saint Martins, London

2023 / Art Direction


2023 / Art & Economics

University Utrecht

2022 / Art History






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Assistent Art Direction for DLVS

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Estefania ter Heerdt

Estefania ter Heerdt is a professional makeup artist based in Amsterdam with over 5 years of experience. She works in the photo, video, and fashion industries. I designed and built her portfolio website, ensuring it maintains an aesthetic yet playful look and feel.


Campaign video

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Art Direction - Adamare 2023 Campaign

Art Direction for the launch campaign of Adamare. A make-up and skincare label for everyone

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Mellow is your portable yogi, accompanying you wherever life takes you. It serves as a unified platform, bringing together trainers, studios, and practitioners from around the globe. The subscription models offer accessible entry points, allowing you to stay connected with your local studio while traveling or working remotely through video lessons. I led the creation of Mellow's branding, digital, and product designs. This encompassed everything from complex UI/UX wireframes to overseeing the development process closely. Adapting the design for both native app and desktop versions required meticulous adjustments to ensure seamless functionality across all platforms. The attached imagery offers a glimpse into a few of the many steps undertaken throughout the process.

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Bar Apere

Bar Apere is an aperitivo bar located in The Netherlands, dedicated to offering high-quality aperitifs, natural wines, beers and bites in an atmosphere that captures the vibrancy and diversity of the Mediterranean. I oversaw the entire conceptualisation process for this project, encompassing strategy, brand positioning, illustration, and digital design.

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Horizon Pension Tool

Horizon is a new and innovative plug and play pension solution designed for creative entrepreneurs in the cultural and creative industries. Ensuring financial security for all. I led the product design for the landing page and both the iOS and Android interfaces, focusing on intuitive user flows and clear flowcharts. From branding to digital design, I managed the entire process, ensuring a seamless experience for users from start to finish. The attached imagery offers a glimpse into a few of the many steps undertaken throughout the process.