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October 31, 2023

Tips and tricks around genuine networking

Unlocking the power of genuine networking in a global, digital world filled with noise

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In today's hyper-connected world, networking isn't just about handing out business cards at big events or mingling with like-minded professionals in exclusive social hubs. It's also about building meaningful connections online, where geographical boundaries blur, and opportunities are limitless. The rise of remote work has made it more crucial than ever to master effective networking on social platforms. But how do you go about it? Let's explore some tips and tricks and see how platforms like JustConnect, LinkedIn, and Instagram stack up in this global landscape.

1. Define your personal networking goals:

To network genuinely, start by defining your goals. Ask yourself the following question: What do you want to achieve? Whether it's finding collaborators, mentors, or job opportunities, clarity on your objectives is key. 

2. Quality over quantity:

It's not about the number of connections you have; it's about the quality of those connections. Platforms like LinkedIn often encourage amassing connections in the hundreds. Instagram is all about your private life and connections. But JustConnect understands the value of a curated network where every connection matters. One platform is not better than another, they just serve different purposes. Find the one where the quality of your connections matters more than the number of connections. 

3. Engage authentically:

Authenticity is your best networking tool. Engage in real conversations, share your insights, and offer support to others. JustConnect, found at https://justconnect.app/, prioritizes authentic connections through meaningful conversations, encouraging you to be yourself. Your work is at the forefront, you matter because of what you do and that’s important. 

4. Look outside of your bubble:

The world is your networking playground. Remote work and the ability to connect from anywhere with an internet connection have opened up a world of possibilities. It’s crucial to embrace this global aspect, bringing together professionals from different corners of the world. Sharing is caring - and sharpening ideas with like-minded people is one of the biggest mistakes we make as entrepreneurs trying to find the right people to connect with. JustConnect is only where it starts. You are in control of building that authentic and genuine network according to what your goals are. 

5. Differences in networking hubs: Soho House, WeWork, and big events:

Exclusive social hubs like Soho House and co-working spaces like WeWork have their place in the networking landscape. These physical spaces provide a unique setting for in-person interactions. However, they may not always be accessible to everyone, and in today's world, where remote work is on the rise, digital networking becomes increasingly important. Big networking events, while valuable, can be sporadic and time-consuming. Online platforms provide a continuous, accessible networking solution. Consider your online presence as a conversation starter and mingle with people who value your work over your social presence and fame. 

6. JustConnect vs. LinkedIn vs. Instagram:

While each platform has its merits, JustConnect, available at https://justconnect.app/, offers a unique combination of authenticity, a curated network, and a global community. LinkedIn is best for formal professional connections and job searches, while Instagram's visual storytelling caters to all - maybe too many? JustConnect is the bridge between these worlds, offering a place for professionals to start networking genuinely.

7. So to recap: 

In conclusion, networking in today's digital world is a multifaceted journey. It's about defining your goals, prioritizing quality over quantity, engaging authentically, embracing the global nature of work, and understanding when to leverage what platform. While traditional methods and physical networking hubs remain relevant, online platforms like JustConnect offer an accessible and continuous way to build meaningful connections in a changing professional landscape. So, whether you're looking for a mentor, a co-founder, or simply like-minded professionals, embrace the power of genuine networking on social platforms.

Visit justconnect.app/ to explore the possibilities.

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